A few paintings



Untitled series 2024, oil/mixed media 95 x 95 cm.


Untitled series 2024, oil/mixed media 90 x 90 cm.



Untitled series 2024, oil/mixed media 105 x 115 cm.



Untitled series 2024, oil/mixed media on linen, 95 x 95 cm.



Untitled series 2024, oil/mixed media 100x 105 cm



Villages I series 2022. oil/ mixed media on linen, 95 x 105 cm courtesy Studio 2000.



Memory I series 2020, oil/mixed media on linen, 95 x 105 cm. courtesy artist
A small catalogue in Dutch: https://indd.adobe.com/view/b6e5146e-9a18-4adc-ad89-ba86d12f324f



Copyright Chaya Kupperman, all rights reserved.
In my landscapes and other subject matter, I make use of photos to refresh my memory and better mimic the atmosphere. The general interpretation of landscape, reflected in a discovery of perspective and variations of color against the ever-changing liquidity of the sky, is one of the main sources for the invented forms and symbolism included in my paintings.
Earth with all its different substances became a metaphor for life and how I relate to my own body and how the body is an instrument in experiencing life.
The awareness is reflected in the physicality of the brushwork where the journey starts at the bottom of the painting and takes the viewer along hidden obstacles into an imaginary space on the path off roads. The use of the materials, oils, oil crayon, fillers, raw pigment and graphite is to me the ultimate tool for direct expression within my work.
I discover symbolism in the work that is not only related to geometrical and organic forms, also color gives a sense of drama to my paintings. It matters that I single out something more mysterious and personal.
In the size of the landscape, it begins to develop its own mood. The film of oil paint reflects an extra dimension and liveliness on the picture plane for that all is working and interesting, I intend to push expression, symbolism, narrative, and the translucency of light and its contrasting darkness even further so that I can invent and integrate my own system of thoughts, experiments and investigations into the picture plane and keep on continuously develop my own personal language.